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If you have any extracted or missing teeth, you are a candidate for dental implants! However, many aspects play a role in how successful the implant will function.

An ideal candidate for dental implants is in good general and oral health. Placing a dental implant requires adequate bone in the jaw to support the implant. Additionally, the best candidates for implants have healthy gums free of any periodontal disease.

Patients who are interested in replacing a missing tooth or teeth with dental implants should have healthy gums and sufficient bone to hold the implant in place along with being committed to good oral hygiene and regular dentist visits.

Some diseases and conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, periodontal disease, smoking, and alcoholism can have a negative effect on the outcome of a dental implant.

If you are interested in replacing a missing tooth or teeth with implants, the best thing to do is meet with Dr. Milman and he will let you know if he thinks dental implants are right for you!

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